"Goodbye Summer I Hate to See You Go."

Well, The summer has come to a close and so much has happened since our last post. With a lot of time, nurturing, and ultimately the growth of God the farm has really taken off! We have had many adventures togethers as well as sweet time with friends and family over the past few months. I was able to catch some of the beauty on camera.

We celebrated our one year anniversary here. 


1 year dessert.JPG

Picked many a wildflowers.

Experienced a garden coming to life!

Met new brothers and sisters...which called for new adventures.

Special family time.

Family at Work.jpg

Killed a rattlesnake....and ate him.

 "Harvested" ( the clean way of saying butchered or slaughtered)  blackjack the goat. 


Picked up baby chicks from the post office.

Isn’t it funny how life is so not what you planned
— Jon Foreman
Tractor 2.jpg

The Lord began teaching me the art of womanhood and what being a wife is all about. 

dinner dates Ashland.jpg

I have only scratched the surface on this life-long lesson. What a beautiful season. We are looking forward to what this fall has in store.