Morgan Myers

I was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama. I have always enjoyed being outdoors soaking up the sunshine. We never did have a garden growing up, as far as I know I never had an interest in it. One love I have always had in me is the love for food, simply because of my love for people. Food by nature brings us together.

My first true introduction to gardening was during my season at LEGACY in 2011. We spent our afternoons tending to a muscadine vineyard and a small family garden. I fell in love with looking after something living, learning the principles of the land, and seeing growth; like the blooming of flowers or the first asparagus spear popping out of the earth. It was in this garden that I heard the Lord whisper His calling on my life. This caused me to change my major when I returned to Auburn in the fall to Fruit and Vegetable Production. I met Taylor in my first class : )

Some things to know about me:

My simple pleasures : Hot creamy coffee, red wine, dark chocolate, and epsom salt baths. 

I enjoy the mindless mundane tasks (that Taylor loathes) like pruning, thinning, and weeding.

If I don't have at least an hour to myself in the morning you might as well call me a crazy woman.


Taylor Myers

I grew up in south Alabama, in a little town called Hartford. As a little boy I can vividly remember looking forward to when the peanut farmers would turn their fields over and harvest their peanuts.  I would walk through the fields picking up the unearthed peanuts the farmers had left behind.  There isn't anything quite like the taste of a raw, unearthed peanut that still has soil on it.  As a boy, I never envisioned myself as a farmer, but I always enjoyed being out in creation.

I fell in love with growing food while I was a student at Auburn.  I distinctly remember my first garden while in college.  I raised carrots, sweet peas, green onions, and broccoli.  To this day, I have yet to grow a better head of broccoli than the ones I grew while at Auburn.

Some things to know about me:

My passion and love for sustainable agriculture has grown because I believe in it.  I believe in its power to be a catalyst for healing in people and society. 

My influences are Jesus, my Dad, Ron Paul, Gene Logsdon, and Wendell Berry.

I'm a sucker for fried chicken and college football.

One day I am going to open an orphanage and build a whole community around it.


Virginia May Myers

Virginia was born in the summer of 2014 and has been an opinionated power woman since the day she got here. She loves music and dancing, playing ball, jumping on the bed, and being outside. She loves eating greens straight out of the garden. When she sees a school bus on the road you would think she just saw a movie star.  When she is not getting us to sing every song she knows ( guessed it Wheels on the Bus) you can find her bossing Moose and Chaco around. She is a great big sister!

Wendell Shepherd Myers

Wendell, another summer baby, was welcomed into the family in 2016. Our resident poet, Wendell loves touch, his sister, and anyone that will smile at him. His favorite things are snuggle sessions with his mama, tickle times with his daddy, and bath times with his sister. 


Musa Tsu 'Moose'

Moose is the first dog Morgan and I welcomed into our family.  He is a full blooded Rhodesian Ridgeback that we got in March of 2014 and has been guarding us ever since.  He is a massive dog with a massive love for his family.  Extremely loyal but also independent, there is nothing more he would rather do than lay on his mat inside by us.  



Chaco is our resident farm dog.  She is a mixed breed that loves people and loves being outside.  We got her in October of 2015 and when she isn't aggravating Moose or getting in trouble for digging, she can be found by my side as I do chores and jobs around the farm.  Although she is a quarter of Moose's weight, she would gladly eat more than him if I let her.  Great with other people and animals, she has truly been a great addition to the family.

Roscoe and Jenkins

These cats joined the family this past fall after someone dropped them at the end of our road.  They are feisty little cats that keep mice out of our barns. They love people and would be house cats if they had it their way.  Joined at the hip, they are certified rodent killing machines.