Breaking Ground

We have officially broken ground on the farm! Taylor is preparing about 2 acres of land from which our first harvest will come. My friend Debbie, Moose, and I drove out to capture this beautiful beginning on camera. Here are some of her shots.

This field has been planted in bermuda grass for years and once bermuda is established it is very difficult to get rid of. Taylor has planted buckwheat as a cover crop in hopes to kill the grass. For the record, (because I would not have known if this wasn't pounded into my brain in college) a cover crop is basically a way of naturally getting nutrients into depleted soil. By incorporating specific grasses or other herbaceous plants into the soil you increase organic matter and manage weeds, pests, and diseases all at the same time! 

Just as setting a foundation for a building is absolutely necessary so is the condition of the soil necessary to produce life! So, even though this cover crop's purpose is not to provide food, it is monumental in getting the habitat ready for what is to come. So as we are beginning this process we would love for you to join us in prayer:

  • For the buckwheat to continue to grow and the grass to be shaded out and die.
  • That the soil would be filled with nutrients and ready to support what will be planted next.
  • For strength and energy in Taylor as he works to prepare this land for our family and many others.